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Old Navy on this link (old Navy Weekly).
You'll have fun clicking around and finding coupons. I clicked on the duck's moving feathers and got a 10% off coupon. But, there have been people that have found $50 off $100 orders and $75 off $100 orders! That would be an AWESOME score!

This is for in-store coupons. There is a place on the site to sign up for emails (you should go ahead and make up another email account for coupons sites, surveys, and subscriptions like this). Now, there was also a button to click to remind you about this site. It reminded me on Fridays at 8am (so, I'm not quite sure yet if that's Eastern time or Pacific...) But, I'll be on Friday at 8am to start looking for the coupons. It does tell you at the top which ones have been found already.

Happy Looking!



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