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The POOL man

In an effort to save money at our house...I took the leap...and fired the pool man.

I am scared!

But, I was paying him $140 a month...and that's alot.
How hard can it really be?? I mean, it has a little vacuum that cleans the bottom, we have a cover for the top, and you just put a little tablet in plastic thing that floats in the pool.


I know..I'm missing ALOT of steps. As I learn...I'll share my knowledge. It looks like the pool supply store and I are going to become friends VERY quickly.

Letting go of things that you CAN do without is part of being thrifty. I haven't set out on this journey to punish my family or to make their lives miserable...but, quite the opposite. This pool experience will make us more responsible, more knowledgeable...and teach my boys a new skill (maybe they'll be pool boys in the summer when they're older).

If you're interested, here's an eHow article about cleaning pools. It all sounds foreign to me...but, it's a start.


Deal Fanatic on March 27, 2009 at 8:07 AM said...

This brings back memories, waking up to a green pool and Many many trips to the pool store for testers. No worries, what I learned about being thrifty is that things are not always as perfect as they look in the magazines. OH well, what can ya do. Let me know if I can bring over my chemical supply :-) guaranteed to singe all arm hairs...i.e. Hubby's smooth arms ;-)

Lee Family on April 27, 2009 at 10:45 AM said...

I was looking through your old posts because I was looking for a certain coupon when i found this post. I cannot believe you were paying $140.00 a month for someone to clean your pool :)
We had a pool put in our house in TX when we lived there and I took care of our pool every day. It is really easy we had a vacuum and it did everything for us. If you ever need any help with doing it just call me. I know you can do it...


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