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Trash Bags at Walgreens

I'd like to talk to you about trash bags.

I have to admit...I LOVE my brand name products. Before we became a "thriftier" home...I didn't think twice about what I paid for what...if it was the brand that I used, I bought it. Trash bags for example.

I paid FULL PRICE for those fancy branded "smell good" "force flex" bags...and to be honest...they didn't make my trash smell any better NOR did they keep my kids from poking holes through them.

That being said, Walgreens has a great rebate item that you can still get in for March. Their Tuf kitchen trash bags are on sale for 2/$7.00. That's a good price..huh? also get $3.00 back in rebates when you buy 2. SO, your price for 2 boxes of trash bags just went down to only $2.00 a box (and I've been paying $6.00-$8.00) for the brand names...FOR WHAT?? To throw trash in and then throw it all away.

I have seen the light.


Deal Fanatic on March 25, 2009 at 10:52 PM said...

That's funny! I know...we pay to throw away..hahaha
I'll have to hit Walgreen's on the way home tomorrow. :-)
Thanks ma


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