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Email Coupons from Pepsi

Here are a few coupons that I got in the mail from Pepsi today....
I'm happy to share....hope you enjoy!!

Click HERE for Buy 1 2-liter get one free coupon for Sierra Mist!

Our son Chris, just LOVES Panda Express...well, if you's a coupon for you!
Click HERE for a coupon "get a FREE single serving entree when you purchase a 2 entree plate with orange chicken and drink".  (you can print as many as you want!!) should know where your nearest Panda is...but, if you don't....Click HERE.

Click HERE for $0.50 off a 4 pack of Pepsi Natural--made with sparkling water, sugar, Kola nut.

Thanks Pepsi for the great coupons!




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