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FREE Hunt's Ketchup

If you'd like a FREE bottle of Hunt's ketchup, just go to Simple and Delicious and submit for $10 worth of coupons (and the coupon for FREE ketchup).

Just click HERE...fill out your name and address...and wait for it!
(don't forget to get yourself another email account for things like this--you don't want your personal email account spammed up!)

**you know...if you see links here or any other site for free things or samples.  Go ahead...get it!  Not only will you get a little something-something...but, they usually send along a coupon!



Deal Fanatic on April 7, 2009 at 6:49 PM said...

Hello there, I like this freebie, I've linked you up on my blog. That's why your on my pick for the week :-)
Always finding good stuff!


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