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Old Navy Weekly

**UPDATE--the BIG coupon was behind the red ball.  By the time I realized it was live...all the good coupons were gone:(  Maybe next time I'll get lucky.  Hope you were able to snag some good coupons!
It's Thursday night...

Put the kids in bed, load the dishwasher, put paper in the printer...
and let's get ready to search for coupons!!

I am TOTALLY hooked on finding these darn coupons. 
I stay on a few forums, blogs, twitter...seriously, 
I have a problem!

Remember...I've found it much faster that when you find the GOOD coupon
($75 off $100) that you just email it to yourself.  Then, you 
can print it later or email it to a friend.
Also, you can keep refreshing the screen, find it again, email it again...



Anonymous said...

Where is the coupon?? Please tell me!!


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