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Target Freebies

Just a reminder that if you snagged this past Sunday's paper, the Vitamin water coupons are $1.00 off...and that's the price at Walmart, Target, and at Albertsons.  

THEN, you can still stock up on bath buddies.  

Click HERE (for internet explorer) or HERE  or HERE  to print those coupons.

They were $0.97 at my Target.

Walked outta there...for F-R-E-E!!!

**There are reports of free Cheetos at some Targets.  WELL, if you live in Vegas...they're not free.  But, if you find any other great deals out there...please share!



Amber on April 7, 2009 at 5:45 AM said...

I signed up to be notified EVERYTIME you post here...why is it not working???? I want free stuff! :0)
Trying to figure it all out...


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