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Nursing Cover

Ok..I'm not nursing at the moment...
but, found this GREAT deal on 
Nursing Covers at Udder Covers!

Click HERE for a free cover
(colors currently available are pink or blue)
They are $32.00---BUT, 
if you use code  onefree...
you only pay shipping of $7.95!

Not bad if  you could use one...
or know someone who could!

Happy shopping!



Angela said...

I ordered this in blue. I got it in the mail and, to be honest, it looks like the thing the dentist puts around your neck when you get your teeth cleaned. Not very attractive. Not sure it was worth the price of shipping - especially now that I notice other moms with their cutsy patterned cover-ups. Then again, I guess it's better than the blanket I was throwing over my poor baby! ;)


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