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Old Navy Weekly

Did anyone score any big coupons last night on 
Old Navy Weekly??

The $75 off $100 was found in the quiz.  It just pops up after being 
on the site for a while (like 5-10 mins).
The answers were:
wilma's wearables

(type them in correctly...check the spelling...and within 
one minute from the quiz popping up!)

OK...I did (don't hate me)...
but, I wanted to share an email that I 
received at 11am from Nicole D. in marketing:

Hello Kathy,


It’s a new week at and there’s a new hiding spot for those fabulous $75 off $100 coupons. But that’s not all that’s new! We’ve noticed how quickly the $75 and $100 coupons go and we’d like to give more of you the chance to snoop out these super savings. So this week, we’ll be releasing the coupons multiple times instead of all at once. Make sure to  keep checking back—it’s gonna be a fun week!


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