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I've seen the RedBox in stores...
I've seen the FREE MONDAY codes posted on  blogs..

but, I've NEVER used a Redbox.

Today...I'm going to start!  
Together, let's learn about these Redboxes...

First...Find a Redbox location near you.  Click HERE

wait for me....I'm driving there now....wait...wait...

OK...I drove to that location.  I looked at the screen, and pressed the movie that I wanted. (The kids will see Bedtime Stories tonight).  

THEN, I pressed the screen button on the bottom that said "enter promo code".....
that's where I entered todays promo code  6A43JK.

OK...then, it took me to a screen where it showed $0.00 balance....but, I still had to swipe my credit card.  BECAUSE, if you don't return this movie tomorrow'll get charged $1.00 each night!  (not, I just need to remember to return my movie in the morning after I drop the kids off at school).

You can find out general answers to your questions at their site HERE.
I hope you take the plunge like I did...and try something new.

**You CAN reserve your movie online...but, then you can't use your promo code and get it for free.

Let me know how you like it!
(now...I just need to find out who has popcorn on sale!)




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