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I'm almost out of ink from all the coupons that 
I printed last night...
and I haven't EVEN begun to cut them out and 
sort them...

so....I'll try to match up some coupons with
deals that are going on right now.

First off...I can tell you that Smith's has
their Kraft cheese slices and 
shredded cheese on sale 
(through Tuesday) for only
$1.69.  If you use one of those
$1.00 coupons (on any two)...that's only $1.19 for cheese
(and Kraft)!!!

 Can someone tell me....can you freeze cheese slices
(and they unthaw good)??
Just so I don't go too crazy in the stores!

I'll keep looking for match ups...
but, wanted you to be aware of that one
before the sale ended.

AND...for all of us that didn't get the $1.00 coupon from Kraft dressings...
now, we too can get dressing for $0.50 at Walmart!  




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