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Are you RedBoxing yet??

I have to say...
I was a little skeptical
of the whole
$1.00 a night dvd rental. Would we remember to return it...would they be scratched up...would they be in English??
But...I LOVE IT! AND...because I get such a great deal...I always remember to turn them in on time! BUT...are you checking for the FREE promo codes out there?? Twice this week, I've taken the kiddos to the RedBox...and we've gotten FREE movies! I'll post the codes when I can...but, you can also check HERE before you head out and see if there are any new ones listed!

The code that I used tonight that worked was at Walgreens Redboxes....DVDATWAG

Grab some movies for the family this weekend...(the kiddos are out of school tomorrow here...oh my goodness...I needed SOMETHING to keep them away from me!)




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