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Good Morning Kmart Shoppers, I didn't post last night ALL of my shopping excursions at Kmart. AND..I'm trying to squeeze in a few more trips today (just searching for a few more goodies).

I've told you in the past that I have a shopping problem...and when there are sales involved...dedit card be darned. I canNOT pass up a great deal. Someone will need one of the things...I could give it doesn't matter that my house already looks like a day care center. My adrenaline starts pumping...I get giddy like a little girl. It's so silly!
(did you see or read Shopaholic....that's me....TOTALLY. Except...I don't have shopping debt...just little baby special needs debt)

Do you hide purchases from your hubby??

I mean...does he REALLY need to see every little thing that you buy? He doesn't care how much I saved...he always wants to know if I REALLY needed it.

SO...once he's at work...I'll pull out my stash...and take more pics for you! I'm SO excited....shhh...don't mention this to him:)



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