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House Party??

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Give ’em a Double Dose of Fun!
Host a Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ House Party™

Treat your son and his buddies to an exclusive preview of the exciting new crash ‘n’ bash animated series Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ — before anyone else!

If selected to host, party attendees will be treated to the first TWO episodes of this turbo-charged series before the Cartoon Network premiere! Battle Force 5™ features an elite team of teen drivers in five ultra-cool, ultra-fast vehicles, that must work together using their armored battle machines to save the Earth from the most outrageous galactic predators.

Plus, your son will receive the second part of this double barrel treat — a FREE Hot Wheels™ Battle Force 5™ action figure and vehicle! In addition, every guest will receive a Hot Wheels™ Battle Force 5™ poster, the official Hot Wheels™ magazine, and a Hot Wheels™ Battle Force 5™ catalog.

Sign him up today and get him in gear for awesome fun on August 22nd!

Spaces are limited.

Click HERE to apply to host a HOUSE PARTY!



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