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Why do you clip coupons?

Why do you clip coupons??

Me...well, I haven't always clipped them. I use to throw them away (gasp...I know...the horror!). I've actually lived in a fairy tale for a while. I worked in the finance industry, my hubby worked in mortgages (on the corporate level)....we had two healthy was perfect. I always looked for deals...but, never really HAD to.

Until three years ago, we got pregnant and were expecting our third son. We would soon find out that this little man would be born with a very complex heart defect and have a chromosome disorder. In preparation for him entering the world, our world, I sold my fancy Acura SUV (it had three tv's in it)...and bought a used mini van that we could pay cash for and NOT have a car payment. My hubby sold his Cadillac (that he had sunk TOO much money into)...and bought our neighbor's car...also, another car that we could pay cash for and NOT have a car payment. (but...don't feel too bad for hubby...he also got a motorcycle to commute to work on).

I started only shopping for necessities....and not for fun.
and this was SO hard for me. Shopping was always a sport. One that I got a gold medal in! and now...all my training was being tested.

You have NO idea what having a special needs baby means...until you're holding him in your arms. It means never having credit card debt...but, when you need to pay 8k upfront for a Cat charge it (because you need it...right?). It means having to buy plane tickets weekly when you have to ship your older kids across the US to stay with family while you are in another state at a hospital and your hubby is in yet another state working. It means finding alternative ways to celebrate birthdays...because paying $25 a head at Circus Circus just isn't feasible anymore.

We are a family that has turned full circle. keeper of the debit card....have learned SO much in the last three years. We THOUGHT that we were financially ready for anything. We had a great retirement, two good jobs....and NEVER know what life will throw you. After we had our special peanut...a year later, my hubby lost his job. Seriously...when it pours. We had to take the penalty and pull out the cash in our 401K. and that stunk. All that hard work saving....

BUT....we're still here. We have survived. WithOUT having to file for bankruptcy, without giving away our kids, without filing for divorce....we are here. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically. I LOVE cutting coupons and finding deals. I think in this current can be such a stressful "thing" in relationships. WHY would you want to fight about something so dumb?? Our special peanut has helped us realize the important things in life....and fighting about dumb where on the list.

If you enjoy shopping...start NOW....start clipping coupons, start shopping for deals...go to yard sales with the kids on Saturday morning....start looking for Christmas presents NOW. I still get the same "high" shopping now...and even more so when I find that "awesome deal".

Most people will NEVER have the craziness in their world that we've found over the last few years...but,'s time to get those ducks in a row.

Are you spending more than you make??
Do you really need 300 channels on tv??
Are you using Redbox instead of going to the movies??
Are you using your library instead of going to Borders??
Are you getting up early and making hubby's lunch so he doesn't have to buy it??
Are you ONLY hitting the clearance racks in store...avoiding ALL regular priced racks!?
Have you fired the pool man yet??
Are you hanging your laundry outside to dry so that you're not heating up the house??
Are you supporting your spouse and working together to save money??
Are you taking time out each week for a "date night"??

ok...I'm NOT perfect...and I'm working on each of the above...and working each day on saving money. ( you know how hard it is for me to walk through Target?) And...I still haven't gotten up the courage to cancel cable tv (what would I do??)

I hope that we can all help each other during these tough times....
If you have more suggestions...
bring them!!



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