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Parents Magazine Coupons

Do you subscribe to Parents Magazine??
Well...if you'd like a year's subscription for
only $9.97...
Just click on the picture:

Here's why you MAY want to get this magazine.
Along with awesome articles, tips, and tricks...
these are the coupons that I found in my September 2009 issue:

Tide-$1.50 off
Gymboree-20% entire purchase
JcPenney--FREE 8x10, FREE sitting fee
Sara Lee packaged meat-$1.00 off
Musselman's fruit cups-$0.50 off
Palmer's Cocoa Butter-$1.00 off
Sam's Club--FREE one day membership
Venus Breeze razor-$2.00 off

I think this issue alone would pay for the annual subscription!




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