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Pillsbury Bake Off

MyBlogSpark has given me lots of information to pass on about
Pillsbury and their Bake Off Contest that's going on HERE.

How fun!! YOU get to help pick the recipe that will win

The first recipe is
Asian-Spiced Cashew-Chicken Piadinis
Brett Youmans Reading, PA

The second recipe to bid on is
Seville Chicken Tapas
Marie Sheppard Chicago, IL

Just click HERE to cast your vote!

The full recipes are also on this page...
looks like you have some yummy things to try for dinner this week!

Tell me who you voted for....
I voted for the Asian Spiced Chicken....
shhh...don't tell them...I wouldn't want to hurt the other persons feelings.

(while you're on the site can be sure that you've registered
for Pillsbury's newsletter...LOTS of info, recipes, coupons...goodies!)



Anonymous said...

I voted for the "ASIAN-SPICED CASHEW-CHICKEN PIADINIS'! The recipe is current, appealing, and one that I'd be delighted to serve my guests! This creative recipe deserves the win! Good luck!


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