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Walgreens SCORE!

What's that total?? $9.09
(got back $6.oo in register rewards)
What did I get??

2 Smart Rinse
4 Mac n Cheese cups
1 Huggies wipe
2 (15 count) Chinet paper plates
2 Reach toothbrushes
1 Glade Warmer
3 (4 pack) Walgreens brand pediatric elecctrolytes
2 universal remote controls
(and I would have paid a little less, but Isaac dropped a few coupons!)

While I was there...
I snagged a few of these:

In them you'll find these coupons:

All exp. 12/31/09
.50/1 Airborne 10 ct
$3 Silent Snooz Snore Relief
$3 Claritin 24 or 30 ct
$1 Alka-Seltzer Plus
$2 Theraflu
$2 Comtrex or 4Way
$3 SinuClense Neti Pot
.50 Ricola Cough Drops 19-50 ct
.50 Little Noses and Little Allergies
$1 Tylenol - Children's Tylenol Plus 4 oz, Adult Cold, Sinus or Allergy 8 oz or 24 ct
$2 Triaminic Liquids 4 oz or Thin Strips 14 ct
$1 Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte
$2 Walgreens Muicus Relief 60 ct
$1 Wal-Flu 6 or 8.3 oz
$1 Walgreens Children's Cough Syrup 4 oz
$1 Walgreens Neti Pit/Sinus Wash Salt Jar 10 oz
$1 Walgreens Cold/Flu Relief Twin Pack
$1 Wal-Tussin 12 oz
$3 Walgreens Allergy 150 ct

THEN....If you saw the Pediatric Electrolyte
singles above...
well..they're on CLEARANCE for only $1.09!!
(it's the fruit flavor)
snag them while you can.

and Walgreens...
if that wasn't enough...
don't forget to go in tomorrow for a FREE 8 x 10 collage print
in the photo department (use code FUNDAY)


yep...just click HERE to use that coupon from Aug. 26-29th!!

Dag on it...looks like I'll be making another trip to Wags tomorrow!




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