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It never fails.  I've tried to stick to the "cash only" method...using only money that's put aside in a designated envelope.  I've tried just hiding all credit cards and debit cards..and see how long we can go withoug using either. real life...or MY life...I can NEVER get it to work out that way. 

Let's talk about today for instance.  We're all (me, hubby, and 3 boys) are fighting a yucky bug.  I had to take little Icky to the peds.  His co-pay on meds were $111!  I had to go to the docs.  I decided to go to the Clinic at Walgreens (no and out!).  BUT, of course they don't take our new insurance and that's another $68!  THEN, my co-pay for my meds were another $20.  NOW...I needs more Benadryl for the kids...even with coupons I spend another $5 out of pocket.  Oldest son needs $110 for a tux for Choir...and middle son NEEDS new books from the Scholastic list--$26.00.

THERE...$300+ out the window.  Like I just threw it away and I'll never get it back...and I don't even have a shiny new pair of shoes to look at!  And that was just TODAY! 

If you hit a block wall...feel like you keep working hard at saving and budgeting...just to get more bills thrown your way.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  (repeat that as many times as you need to)   It's so very hard.  So many variables affect my family....and can affect yours as well.  BUT, pat yourself on the back each day for trying.  You'll score awesome deals here and there...and it will all add up (just watch).

ok..I need to sit back now...I'm watching...waiting for the awesome deals.
shhh...don't interupt me!
(that was your pep talk...go on...start saving!)



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