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Cell Fire Frequently Asked Questions

 I talked about Cellfire yesterday...
here are a few questions and answers that might
help you understand how to use this awesome ecoupon system!

How much does Cellfire cost? 
The Cellfire service is free, however, using Cellfire on your mobile phone requires access to the internet. There are no extra fees with unlimited data plans. With 'pay as you go' plans, there are nominal carrier charges. Check with your carrier for more info.

Where can I use Cellfire? 

Cellfire is available everywhere across the United States. Coupons will vary with location and merchant. See Deals for more information.

Are Cellfire coupons for a particular merchant accepted at all store locations? 

To check which merchant stores accept Cellfire coupons in your area, go to the Deals page and click on the merchant logo to view the Merchant's Details page. Store locations will be listed there.

How do I use Cellfire coupons?  
Cellfire offers two different kinds of coupons. Grocery coupons get saved directly to your grocery store savings cards. Your coupons are automatically redeemed when you use your card at checkout! With mobile coupons, you use our mobile app to show a coupon code to the cashier to get your discount.

I tried to use a Cellfire grocery coupon, but did not receive my discount. Why? 

The coupon may have failed for the following reasons.
  • The product(s) you purchased did not meet the terms described in the coupon details.
  • The coupon had expired.
  • You had other e-coupons saved to your card for the same product.

Is there a way to print out a list of my saved grocery coupons for when I go shopping? 
Go to My Account and click on your card under "Saved Offers." You card details will appear with a "Print Shopping List" option.

Can I use a paper coupon with a Cellfire coupon? 
Cellfire does not encourage the use of paper coupons with Cellfire coupons.

Can I use a Cellfire coupon with other e-coupons? 

No, only one e-coupon is allowed per item. 

If I have 2 or more of the same product and I have 2 e-coupons for that product, including a Cellfire coupon, can I purchase them in the same transaction and get my discount? 
For some grocers, you may only use one e-coupon per product per transaction. In order to get all of your applicable discounts, please ask the cashier to ring up your items in separate transactions.

If you think of any additional HERE and see if the answer is posted for you!



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