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What the heck is Cellfire??

I've seen it bopping around blogworld...but, I have NO idea.
SO...I decided to look it up...learn about it..
and share the info with you. appears from the pictures on their website HERE
that you can store coupons on your store loyalty card
OR your fancy cell phone.

THEN, the coupons are deducted automatically when you swipe your
store loyalty card
OR you show the cashier your fancy cell phone 
(and smile really big)
So...I go first to the Safeway site (to see what coupons are available)
 It tells me to choose a coupon and click "save to card"..
create an account with my Safeway Card...
then swipe my card to redeem.

Easy enough.
Register to Cellfire HERE...
(ahh....what's my Safeway Card Number??  It tells you that you can call
customer support, visit the web,...I checked an old receipt...and it's NOT there..
so, I did just email them)

ummm....I'll have to continue imputting info for each club card 
tomorrow.  HERE is the page with all the participating grocery stores.
Just go to each store site and add your loyalty card info.

When I go to the main site HERE...
you can also see that there are Hollywood Video FREE  rentals and 
Sears coupons to load on your cell phone
(so...that's the kind that you just show off your phone and smile really big!)

I'll get all mine loaded this week and keep sharing my experiences 
with you.  I'm SURE I'll have such wonderful experiences in the stores this
week that you'll laugh so hard you pee in your pants
(because that's just the kind of gal I am!)

I have read a little more and learned that you may only load ONE COUPON ONCE and the 
discount will only be given one time.  (example...if you load a $0.50 toilet paper coupon and buy
5 packs of toilet will only save $0.50--NOT $2.50).  That's a bummer.

I think this might take me a while to get use to.

Let me know if you're already using Cellfire and how you like it!




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