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Cleaning Tips from All You an Libman Wonder Mop

These days, we're all more aware of being kinder to our planet—especially when it comes to items we use on a regular basis. For an easy way to incorporate a little eco-friendliness into your cleaning routine, look no further than this issue of ALL YOU's Inspired Ideas Newsletter dedicated to a smart idea: the Libman® Wonder® Mop.

Make cleaning simple. With super-absorbent antibacterial strips that reduce odor-causing bacteria, the Libman® Wonder® Mop helps make cleaning your wood and tile floors quick and easy. Plus, with its special wringer sleeve, your hands will never have to get wet!

Reduce and reuse. When you choose the Libman® Wonder® Mop, you help reduce the amount of disposable floor cleaning pads that fill our landfills. That's because the removable Wonder Mop head is washable and reusable—when you've finished mopping, just toss it into the washing machine. You'll always have a fresh mop, clean floors, and a clear conscience.

Get FREE cleaning tips. Need a few more helpful cleaning tips? Visit Libman's large online library of tips from the experts and from real customers. Submit your own and enter to win a Libman® Prize Pack!

Small steps count! Here's to a creating a cleaner home—and a happier planet.





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