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Guitar Hero SCORE at Target!!

My name is Kathy...
and I have a shopping problem. kids are thankful for the problem...
because, here's what I snagged today at Target.

So...wanna know what I paid for these??

uh huh...$22.48!!

What's in those boxes??
This one is Guitar Hero World Tour for PS3...
you get ONE wireless guitar and ONE game.

What's in the other box?
That would also be Guitar Hero World Tour...but, this one came with
TWO wireless guitars AND ONE game.
(this was the better deal...two guitars)

I've seen these on clearance for 50% off for weeks...and I've just been waiting.
Well...the wait paid off.  They're now marked down 75% off...only $22.48 each~
If you have a gamer in the family...or YOU are the gamer...
This is an AWESOME deal!

If you'd like to call your Target to see if they have them in stock...
here are the UPC numbers:
XBox360----47875 95757
PS3----47875 95451

Good luck...hope you're able to find one!




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