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Michael's Clearance

I just went to Michael's to grab some crafting supplies..
and OH MY GOSH...they had TOYS on clearance!
Most of their Crayola Beginnings were on clearance.
Everything pictured was less than $5 each...
even that Tadoodles Drop & See (reg. $22.99) on sale for $4.97!
The finger paints were $1.97 (I think it was reg. $12.00)

They also had LOTS of "paint by number" kits for only $1.00...
Needle point kits were 65% off.

If you're local and in Las Vegas...I went to the one on Eastern.
But...if you're out this weekend..
I would make SURE that I walked every aisle at Michael's...
you just don't know what you'll find!

(I didn't even get a chance to use my coupon...everything was on clearance!)
My name is Kathy...and I have a shopping problem!

One of these days...I'll pull out all my toys and let you see my stash..
you'll pee in your pants!
(I know my hubby does everytime he sees it!)




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