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My Target Shoppers

Good job Target shoppers...for snagging all those
Disney digital cameras off the shelf this week!
(if was an awesome price, wasn't it?)

BUT...who is taking the digital camcorders??  There have been loads
of them..and today, I go in...and there's one lonely camcorder left.  It's still
only marked down 50%....WAIT's going to go down to 75% off.

They still have some school supplies and pool toys marked at 75% off
(although, all the floaties were gone...just balls, shoes, and inflatable pools were
left)  They still had back packs marked down as low as $3.74.

The Airwick Freshmatic I-motion kits are on sale this week for only $5.99...
and we have a $6.00 coupon from 9/13 SS...except..THEY ARE ALL GONE!
The sale is good thru 9/, maybe they'll restock the shelves by them.

and one more then I wanted to just share.  Have you noticed
their new packaging...with the yellow up arrow?  Well, I tried those diapers (because
my little guy pees and poos like an infant and I was spending $40 a week in diapers)...
and they work.  Also, our little guy has super sensitive skin...and as long as I dash a little
powder on the insides of his legs...not a problem. 
(Just sharing that info with you in case you've never tried them)
NOW...I do use Huggies Supremes at night (I do NOT need to wake up to leak throughs)

 I hope you find some awesome deals this weekend at your Target~




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