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Macy's Biggest Registry Event

If you're planning a wedding...or planning on gifting a new couple...
here's some interesting info you might like to know:

Macy’s Wedding and Gift Registry is offering a $25 rebate for eligible tabletop and houseware purchases of $150 or greater, from one of 30 participating vendors like Lenox, Waterford, Kate Spade, the Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood, and Anolon and Circulon. This rebate is available to anyone shopping off a Macy’s wedding registry, whether it be the registered couple themselves or their friends and family, between September 23rd and October 4th. This is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to get their favorite couple a wonderful wedding gift.
Rebate forms can be found in-store at any Macy’s Wedding & Gift Registry department or at  Purchasers simply need to mail-in their original receipt and a copy of the couple’s registry to the specific vendor’s address found on the second page of the rebate form. The $25 rebate check will be mailed within 60 days.




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