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MANIC's yours going??

I wish that I could find a coupon to BUY MORE TIME in each day...
I tell ya...I don't have enough time to do half of the things that
I need to do!
Here's just a snip-it of what's on my plate today:

Make hubby's lunch (to save $15 that he'd spend each day if I didn't)
Run to the bank (to keep us in the black)
Grocery store run (if we want milk in our cereal tomorrow)
take peanut to physical therapy (if I ever want my baby to walk)
Sew tutus (so that I can make extra money on Etsy)
Take teenager to Apple store (because iphone is broke...and life can't go on)

and want to know MY Menu Plan for the week...

Here we go:

Monday--spaghetti (because we have TONS of noodles and Ragu)

Tuesday--Tacos (because beef is always cheap, and THESE coupons were used)

Wednesday--Chicken Pasta Salad (when it's $0.99 a pound...I stock up and
cook it in the crock pot ALL day...that way I don't petrify it!)

Thursday--Chicken and veggies (leftover chicken and some steamed veggies from HERE)

Friday--PIZZA night...I do NOT cook (it's Little Caesar's $5.00 pizza, Papa John's $11.00 deal...
of if we're feeling's too much at Pizza hut)

Saturday--Pizza (we always buy enough on Friday to munch on Saturday)

Sunday--Taco Bell (it's $0.35 crunchy tacos...HELLO...don't judge me!)

What do you have going on today??




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