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Old Navy SCORE!

Did you go to Old Navy today??
Well...I KNOW I did...
and if I must keep repeating myself...
my name is Kathy and I have a shopping problem that I cleared the air with that tidbit of information,
let me tell you what's in the picture:

2 Lion xostumes
2 Butterfly costumes
1 chicken costume
3 Monkey costumes
1 Kitty costume
1 Banana basket
1 Halloween sleeper
1 Adult Halloween t-shirt
1 Adult jeans
1 toddler jeans
1 toddler cargo pants
1 toddler Halloween shirt
2 Adult Halloween pajama pants
2 boys Halloween t-shirts

The retail total for all of the above was $342.12...
but, I only paid $45.64!!

shhhh....don't tell darling hubby...
but...make sure you swing by Old Navy this weekend and
see if they have anything left!




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