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Sherry's Thankful Thursdays

As I was blog hopping (instead of cleaning or cooking)...
I came across THIS blog.

Thankful Thursdays...
how appropriate.

As the Thanksgiving holidays roll around...
I was awake last night thinking about this very thing.....
all that I am thankful for.

If you don't know our family personally...
or haven't visited our family blog..
we are a family of three boys, one hubby, and one barking little dog.
Our youngest son was born with a heart defect and chromosome deletion.
It has been a HARD 3 years (he's 2 1/2...that pregnancy stressed me out).
We have been physically drained, mentally drained, and of course, finacially drained.

BUT...I am thankful for so many things in our life.
I am thankful that my hubby works 70-80 hours a week for our family, that he 
doesn't let work or stress interfere in our marriage, and loves our boys.
I am thankful that I have a teenage son that goes to church every morning before 
school, is ready to work on his Eagle project for scouts, and is an example for his
younger brothers.
I am thankful for our middle son...that he loves school, loves homework, loves
playing with his little brother, and makes his mama so proud.
I am thankful for our babydoll...that even though he's 2 1/2...and doesn't walk, eat, talk,
and keeps me on my toes...I am thankful that he's alive, that he's a happy baby,
that he smiles so big and laughs so sweet, that he kisses me when I ask for one,
that he tries so hard to learn to stand, that he loves to watch television with me.

So...have you thought about what you're thankful for today??
I can't think of one thing in my life that I'm NOT thankful for.
Leave me a comment and make sure you stop by Sherry's blog and
leave her a comment or link your blog to her page.

Thanks Sherry!



Daisy on October 15, 2009 at 7:59 PM said...

and I am Thank to know your family! Just knowing you all has given me more than you will ever know. Who knew IKEA could do so much!


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