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$0.37lb Jenni-O Turkeys!

It's that time again...
When grocery stores slash the prices on Turkeys for the holidays!
Yesterday...I started the search to fill my freezer.
Fresh & Easy has JennieO  Turkeys for only $0.37 a pound....
and they're running this special until Thanksgiving!
(limit 2 per transaction...NO LIMIT!)
(fyi...Vons has started up their sale also, but, there is a $25 limit)

Can you see that price??

$8.12 for a 20 pound Turkey!

and this one??

$6.04 for a 16 pound turkey!

I buy these turkeys until they fill up my freezer each year.  You can't feed
your family any cheaper!  Think about it...cook a turkey once a month...
and you've got enough meat to make different meals for about a week.

I had about 10 in my freezer until this summer.  SomeONE, whom I won't NAME,
but his first name starts with darling and second name starts with hubby...
unplugged my freezer and all the turkeys had to be thrown away:(

I was heart broken...but, I'm glad the sales are back and I'm able to start
stockpiling the turkeys again.

A few other deals that you can find this week at Fresh and Easy are:

F&E Canned Veggies       $0.69

F&E Spices    all are 1/2 OFF!

F&E Classic Green Salad  $0.98

F&E Cooking Nuts   25% OFF

Click HERE to see their entire ad!




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