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$5.00 OFF plus FREE shipping on Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book 2010

Have you bought your Entertainment Book yet?? high schooler sold, I bought one.  Thinking my duty to help out the school was son came home with TWO MORE books to sell.  We don't have family here in Las Vegas, so...I wasn't sure who he was suppose to sell those books to.  The next day after school...he walked over to my car NOT smiling.  He proceeded to tell me that those two books were in his back pack and chocolate had melted ALL over the cover...THUS, I would be buying TWO MORE BOOKS. 

So...I have three Entertainment Books.  Maybe not bought by choice...and SURELY not a discounted rate...but, I was surprised when I looked at the coupons inside. 
(remember, they come in different city coupon books)
In the Las Vegas book, you'll get coupons such as:

FREE Cici's Pizza Buffet coupons
FREE ride at Las Vegas Grand Prix
$5.00 off at Vons grocery store (and there are four of them--so, I have 12!)
FREE Movie admission on your birthday at Regal movie theatres
FREE coffee at Cinnabon
FREE chili dog at Wienerschnitzel
FREE cinnamon pretzel at Auntie Anne's
Dining Out card included to give you repeated discounts at participating restaurants
22% off Jerry's GNC
15% off Harbor Freight

oh...there are just so many.  I just wanted to show you that the book really does pay for itself and then some.



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