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FREE Canvas

Get a FREE 8x10 canvas of your favorite photo...OR $55 off any larger size canvas! 

The process is simple.  You choose your photo.  Choose which size you'd like.  Choose a frame (if you perfer...or not).  Then, choose an artsy effect if you'd like a twist to your picture (like black and white, sepia, pop)...and they take it from there.  All of their canvases are gallery wrapped.  This means that the canvas wraps around the side of the image and is secured to the back of a frame.  (it means it looks nice...even on the sides!)

and if getting a FREE canvas wasn't enough...I went to their blog and they gave some awesome info about taking great pics for your canvas.  You can visit their blog here...or Here's some tips they had to share:

Photo Canvas Quality Tip:

1)      Quality – In the world of digital photography resolution is the key to quality. The higher the resolution, the larger the photo can be blown up. There are tons of primers that can teach you the ins and outs of resolution – but when it comes to printing your photos on canvas, all you really need to remember is to take pictures at 5 mega-pixels or more on the fine or best setting.
What Photo should You Print on Canvas?

2)      Subject – Choosing the right subject to take a picture of is a big step. People in settings that communicate fun or relaxation, animals that are whimsical or inquisitive, landscapes with dramatic light or a focusing element such as a ramshackle barn or a dramatic tree are all great subjects for your photo.

The Right Lighting for Printing your Photos on Canvas:
3)      Light – The light in your photo is one of the most important elements when it comes to printing your photos on canvas. Canvas has the natural ability to diffuse and enhance light. A photo with streaming sunlight or glowing fog will translate amazingly well onto canvas. A photo of a family member lost in shadows will not. Look for photos where the subject stands out clearly and is well lit for the best results.

What Angles Work Best for Printing on Canvas?
4)      Composition – This is the literal ‘geography’ of your photo. Rarely do professional photographers place the subjects dead center in a photo. Use angles, oblique approaches and portals to give your subject interest. Walk around and view it from different angles to decide which way it looks best. Interesting composition translates directly to interest on the wall when printing your photos on canvas.

Careful of Your Photo’s Getting Wrapped When Put on Canvas:
5)      Framing – Every photograph has an implied frame (the outer edge), and although it is fun to play with that frame by taking pictures that flirt with the edge, when it comes to printing your photos on canvas you need to be aware that one and one half inches will be wrapped around the edge of the wooden frame. Make sure that you will not be cropping off anyone’s head.



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