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Menu Plan Monday


Menu plan Monday....AGAIN???
Gosh...sometimes I just get tired of cooking!  BUT...this is a new week for my hubby and I.  We're going to TRY to eat better, exercise more, and LOSE some stinkin' weight!

DH is going on the crazy ketogenic diet...where he doesn't eat ANY carbs! (i'd just die right then).  BUT, he does lose weight fast....I just don't have that will power.  I will, however, limit my carbs, and watch my portions this week.

Here's what I'll TRY to make us for dinner (so that we don't starve, yet don't plump up any more!)
**Don't forget...the turkeys on onsale EVERYWHERE...I'm stocking up now.  This is PERFECT for our weight loss adventure.   (a whole turkey is cheaper than two packages of sliced turkey...go figure)

Monday=Baked Chicken (already brewing in my crockpot).  I'm just going to salt and pepper it  ( I know...where's the flavor)...cube it.  DH will only eat that...I"ll steam some broccoli with mine (and wish it was a pumpkin pie)

Tuesday=Chicken Tortilla Soup (made with some of that chicken from Monday)
(and..this will be my low-carb mix for hubby)
Now...I'm NOT adding corn or making tortilla strips..but, this recipe looks so darn good! 
I had the idea after visiting Cafe Rio this weekend...and falling in LOVE with their soup!
Wednesday= Alice Springs Chicken  Are you tired of chicken yet?? WELL, it's cheap...easy to cook...and good for my belly width.  SO, now what??

Thursday= Chicken Pizza    This recipe is too cute!  The pizza isn't made on pizza dough...but, made on a flat chicken breast.  HOW genius!  I really can't wait to try out some more of these recipes!

Friday =  Date night at El Jefe's.  We use our gift certificate from and enjoy dinner out on a budget.  (but, maybe we'll just get the soup tonight:(
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I'm really worried....I have a COKE problem...and that is NOT on the diet!  I'll let you know how that goes!





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