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1 FREE PhotoBook and 50% off Premium PhotoBooks

NEW PRODUCT! Get a FREE Photo Book!

You can get a 4x6 flip photobook for FREE or get an 8x8 photobook for only $12.49 (that's 50% off).

On the 4x6 flip book, you can add up to 20 pictures (each additional would be $0.49 each)
OK...I'm making mine as I type.  After I uploaded my 20 pics, it shows that I can buy 1 for free..or two for $6.00.  (I'm sticking with the FREE one)
It will then show you all the accessories that you can also purchase (I skipped these also, but they are cute)!
So...shipping is $5.91 (21 days) or $9.76 for (14 days).
Not bad.
New Customer Offer. Get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25, plus SAVE UP TO 90% Your First Order at VistaPrint.
So...if you purchase $25 and you are a NEW customer, you can get FREE shipping.  (So, maybe order a couple of those flip books or a premium book to get your order up to $25)

25% to 75% Off all products at Vistaprint!




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