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Setting Goals for the New Year

I've been thinking...
about the goals that I'd like to achieve this year.  Not only goals with this blog...but, with my personal blog, with my household, my family, my kids, my money, my ever expanding waistline....oh, my head is really starting to hurt.   I think setting personal goals is important...not just because it's a new year...but, to prioritize the things in your life that you have and what you attain to.  (unless your life is perfect...then, you may rest this year)

I'd like to tell you about one goal that I have EACH day...and not only tell you what that goal is...but, how I plan to attain it...and then keep you updated on my status. 

1st Goal:
SO...first on my list would be my WEIGHT!  You know it.  Darling hubby and I decided to take the plunge and buy a treadmill (cancel the gym that we pay for and no one attends)...and run...daily. make SURE that we run...we put this baby right between the couch and the kitchen table!  ( can't forget to run when you almost trip over the mammoth thing after you eat!)

That was HIS idea...not to shove it in the guestroom...but, if we both want to be serious...we need to have it out to use it. 

My goal is to lose 25 pounds.  (that's how much overweight I am after having our third peanut).  I plan on attaining this goal by running at least 30 minutes everyday.  I could tell you that I'm going to start eating healthy...cut out my SUPER huge daily carb intake...but, I would be a LIAR.  And..for this "goal" thing to work...I need to be reasonable with the things that I am willing to undertake.   I HOPE and pray that I can meet this goal by May (at the latest)...that would be five pounds a month (that's not too it??).  I have to tell you...I'm that girl you use to hate.  The one that never had to exercise...wore a size 0 forEVER.  Now...I can honestly tell you that I'm 140 pounds.  That isn't huge by any means...but, our family has been so stressed out for the last four years that I just feel so unhealthy.  First, we get pregnant and find out our baby has many defects...then, we have that baby.  Next, we spend the next 2 years in and out of hospitals.  I am his nurse 24/7 (and he's almost 3).  Hubby lost his awesome 6 figure job....we lost our retirement...hubby gets stinky job just to pay bills...and now, today....I find out that hubby may lose this job also. 
SO...this mama needs those endorphines to be released from daily MANDATORY exercise....even if only 30 minutes a day.

Now...I'll still be posting deals, crafts, tutorials....everything that I can think of to share with you...but, THIS is important to me at this moment.

I'd really like to know what goals you guys are working on.  Leave me a comment or if you have a blog, link to it....I'd love to follow someone besides me...



Carrie on January 4, 2010 at 9:09 AM said...

First, I'm visiting from the Life as Mom link from last Friday. Second, thanks for your honesty. My husband and I are both trying to lose weight and we're waiting to see if he has a job after this month, so I understand. Hang in there! You encouraged me to head down to the treadmill in our basement and USE IT!! :-) Blessings!


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