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Today....I heart Toys R Us!

Toys R Us made me SO excited today...
here's my story:

My 7-year old son, Eli, has been asking Santa for only ONE thing....and R2D2 robot.  He's been talking about it for months.  He's only seen it in magazines.  He said that it could come downstairs, bring him a drink, and fly up the stairs to take it to him.  (so...I've been thinking that this is all in his imagination).
UNTIL...I see this:

It does exist.  I surely doesn't fly and bring you drinks...but, there IS an R2D2 robot. can have this beauty for the low price of only $199 plus shipping!  (do you see how small it is??  seriously).  I've been really a mother of the sweetest little 7 year old.  Should I shell out $200+ to make my little  guy's Christmas morning.  NOW...I KNOW that Christmas isn't about the gifts...but, in our older boys seem to always get left on the sidelines because of our little heart kiddo.  They always seem to understand when they can't go somewhere or their friends can't come over....or why I can't sit down and read at the moment with them...but, regardless...they have had to grow up alot over the last three years and help out more.  SO...if the money tree in my back yard would just grow faster...I wouldn't even hesitate about getting this robot.

BUT...the tree isn't in bloom, darling hubby might not have his job for much longer....and so...I resigned to the fact that Eli will HOPEFULLY just be happy with what he gets (and will forgive Santa for not bringing his robot).

NOW....this leads us to today.  I'm at Toys R Us with my sister....and she's looking for a Star Wars figure for her son's stocking.  When what do my wondering eyes should appear...but, a miniature robot (that probably takes eight tiny batteries)!  
Star Wars The Clone Wars Remote Control R2D2 -  Hasbro - Toys"R"Us
This baby is only $30. just moves around with a remote control...but, it's R2D2..and I think this JUST MIGHT WORK!

While we're at the checkout...we tell the cashier why I'm so excited...and she said the most clever thing,"tell your son that the elves made the toys small this year!"

HOLY BATMAN!  Genius! sister let Eli spend the night with her.....and about 6:00pm, she called me all excited!  She said that she told Eli that she was watching the news...and they were reporting about the Elves this year...and how they went a little crazy and made all the toys small...and their size.  She said that Eli was so excited and said, "How cool  is that!!  My robot is going to be SO tiny!  I love it!"

Crisis overted!

I'm thankful that I stuck to my guns about not going OVERBOARD on presents this year (ok, on just the robot)...and even more thankful for the smaller remote control version that ToysRus just happened to have sitting on the shelves...thankful for the insightfulness of my cashier...and thankful for my sister, that brought the story to life for me. am one THANKFUL mama! 



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