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How to Make a Stone Bathmat

I got an email from Lowe's today....
and it said that it could show me how to make this:

Handmade Stone Bath Mat

are they kidding me??
I need to re-do the whole bathroom you think making a bunch of these babies will work?

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

1. Measure and cut a 32-inch-long piece of shelf liner.
Fold it in half, and cut down the center to make two
16- x 24-inch rectangles. Stack the pieces on top of
each other. (When gluing the stones, the adhesive
will seep through the top piece of shelf liner.)

Step 2
2. Using your computer, create a large letter for
a template, and print it out. We used a 700-point
type size to create the “B” shown here. Use
utility scissors to trim out the letter, and center it
on the piece of shelf liner. Trace the letter onto
the liner using a permanent marker, and then
remove the template.
Step 3
3. Arrange black stones to fill the traced letter.
Experiment with various sizes to avoid large gaps.
Use a caulk gun and a generous amount of clear
silicone sealant to secure the stones to the shelf liner.

Step 4
4. Fill the remaining portions of the mat with
the white stones and small pea gravel. Work
with small sections at a time because the
sealant sets in about 10 minutes. Let the sealant
cure overnight. Turn over the mat, and trim
away any exposed edges of shelf liner.

If you'd like to this and other projects that Lowe's can help you with..just click HERE.

Let me know if you try THIS project or another project. 




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