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How was YOUR Tuesday??

DID you have a Happy Tuesday??

It's about 10pm at night...and I JUST ran on the treadmill for the FIRST time in about a week.  My weight is UP 1.8 pounds!  Seriously.  I just need someone to sneeze on me and give me the flu to kick start this weight loss.   BUT...because I'm such a germ-a-phobe...I probably won't get the flu and I'll have to shed the pounds the old fashioned way.
hmmm....that just stinks!

I DID not make a menu plan this week...but, I did cook enough to feed us for the week yesterday. 
Spaghetti, tacos, and a TURKEY.  (well, you know that I have a ton of turkeys in my freezer!)
It'll be leftovers and inventive dishes until I see mold start to grow!

Shopping for today....NONE!  I did go to Walgreens...but, it was to pick up Isaac's FIVE meds, and one for me.  Only shelled out the cash for the co-pays and I didn't buy anything else.

I didn't achieve any of my goals of sewing or cleaning or organizing....but, little man just fell asleep and hubby is at church playing, I might take a quick soak in the bathtub and pick up a FEW clothes that seem to be piling up in my room.

While I was running on the treadmill tonight, I watched the Monday episode of Oprah.  It was actually really good.  They were talking about organizing your life, making priorities...just good info to incorporate in your life...if you can.  That's one problem I have...organization.  I LOVE an organized house...I just can't seem to get ours in that state.  My neighbor just asked if I'd like to join her in a yard sale...and I think that JUST might be one way to force me to purge and get rid of things and organize what's left.  I'll keep you updated on that...we'll try to schedule it in the next few weeks! (not to brag or anything...but, the weather lately in Vegas has been LOVELY....mid 60s....just perfect yard sale weather!) much as I LOVE you guys...I'm trying to limit computer time and get cracking on my house. 
(oh...and my resume...I've decided to start seriously looking for a job to help out with the bills).
wish me luck!



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