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Target Clearance Items I found today....

shhh...don't tell my hubby that I actually BOUGHT these items!

(ahh..just kidding, they're all spread out on the couch like a proud mama should display them!)

Here's the damage...

If you're in Las Vegas, I found all of this at the Target on Green Valley.  Now, unlike other Target stores in our area, this store lowers prices on baby items on Monday (NOT electronics).  SO, I was presently surprised when cruising the aisles.  I did put SOME items back...because I'm suppose to be SAVING and NOT spending....
but, you know that high that you get when you find a matter WHAT it have SAVED money and you SHOULD GET IT RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE before your insides burst...
yep...I was having that feeling..
it was a GLORIOUS day~
Some of the goodies I was able to snag are:
3 pair of sweat pants (sizes 2T, 3T)  reg. $3.98, on sale for $0.98
2 pair of jean shorts (size 2T) reg. $2.48, on sale for $0.62
4 pairs of jeans w/ adjustable waistband (size 3T) reg. $12.99, on sale for $3.24
tons of pacifiers  reg. $3.79, on sale for $1.88
Diaper Fresh duckys reg. $3.79, on sale for $0.94
Infantino Style rider child carrier  reg. $33.99, on sale for $8.48

I cannot even believe all the goodies.
Now...their toys were still only 30-50% off.  So, I just walked through the aisles...and didn't buy one single toy (even though a cute Yo Gabba Gabba sat in the buggy for a few aisles)

Remember, ALL Target stores are different..even here in the valley.  You might not find the goodies that I did...but, keep your eyes open!

Good luck and happy shopping!



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