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Walgreens--Register Rewards

Walgreens....we love you!!!  

My sister and I have spent the afternoon visiting your stores and stockpiling your goodies!

She's (my sister) has been so clever today:

She buys 6 small Dove deodorants @ $0.99 each
Pays with $5.50 in RR (from colgate and scunci)
Only out of pocket, less than a dollar for the remaining and tax.

THEN, she gets another Colgate and scunci--$3.50 and $2.00
gets...the $5.50 back in RR
gets a coke and free hershey bar (for fillers)
pays for the total with her Dove $6.00 and less than a dollar out of pocket

and just keep rolling that scenario (and mix it up using the Degree travel deodorants)

Really...there's not going to be any deodorant left in the valley!!!
It's been fun...we were actually on the look out for the Phantom Gillette razor that is rumored to be on clearance...but, we never found one:(

Tomorrow...will be a brighter day....we hit the GROCERY STORES!!!  whoo hoo!!



Mandy on April 14, 2009 at 10:11 PM said...

What are you up tooo???? Why are you giving me props?? Should I be worried????


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