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Walgreens--Bic Soleil Razor cartridges

ok....some of you got those FABULOUS Bic Soleil coupons a few weeks ago in your Sunday paper.  WELL, those of us that live in poor little Las Vegas or others areas did NOT....and we've been feeling a little left out of all the fun! 

Our wait is OVER...Walgreens has the Bic Soleil cartridges on clearance for $1.79.  Now...I printed off a coupon a few weeks ago for $2.00 off.  So, I was able to use those today.  BUT, if you haven't printed yours off yet, go HERE to try and print them.  I wasn't able to print anymore today...but, my sister was.  (go ahead and try your luck!)

My lovely cashier today would NOT bring the price of the coupon down to $, I had to buy 3 packs, use 2 coupons, and pay the difference (with tax was $1.79).  Still, not too bad.

**and honestly...$1.79 is still a great price for the refills.  So, if it's a razor that you normally use...go ahead and snag a few boxes!

Good luck!



Andrea on April 15, 2009 at 3:04 PM said...

Thanks for the tip...I may head over there right now to snag me some free razors. Audrey just woke up and we need an outing. Did you leave any at the store for us?

Andrea on April 15, 2009 at 3:05 PM said...

I forgot to tell you that YES the coupon did work. I have 2 in my hot little hands!!


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