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Albertsons Run!

Here's a deal at Albertson's:

First...have you signed your preferred card up with 
Avenu (on the Albertson's website)???

If not, click HERE and register your card.
This site will load electronic coupons directly on your Albertson's 
Preferred card.

OK....when I loaded mine last of the coupons it gave me was
$1.00 off Arrowhead Aquapods (those little bottles)
If you go to Albertsons, they are priced at 2/$4.00...
and with this electronic coupon 
(that you don't have to's automatically used when you scan your card)...
you will get (2) 8-pack Aquapods for $2.00!!

BUT...if you go can print a $1.00/2 coupon
for Arrowhead water!

Walking outta' there with (2) 8-pack aquapods for $1.00!

**and also printed out a $2.00 catalina for you to use on your next trip!!**




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