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I made a quick grocery run to Smith's this afternoon.  I had all THREE boys with me, so...I didn't take all my coupons...and I didn't have a chance to walk SLOWLY through the store and search for clearance items.  BUT, I can report that they have the big bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce for only $0.88 (so, use the coupons HERE) and get it FREE!  Their Kraft salad dressings were $1.69...using those $1.00 Kraft coupons brought it down to $0.69...not bad..but, I think Wal-mart has them a little cheaper.

All of their Ritz crackers, Saltines...those were marked at $2.79--so,  you could walk out with them for $1.79 (I think another store will have them at a better price later).

Their Kraft Mac and Cheese singles were $1.00 each (so,  you can get 2 for $1.00)...they were cheaper here last week...and still cheaper at Target.

That's all I got...not too much..

Tomorrow, I'll make my Albertson's run.  I'm SO excited...I've been salivating over the sales paper (isn't that sad!)




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