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Staples now you've heard the steels that you can get
at Staples this week.

Bic pens...if you were fortunate enough
to print the coupon, you get them FREE....
if not, they're a $1.00 for a box of 12.

The Casio Label Maker is $19.99---
BUT, there's a $20.00 rebate...
making it FREE!

Ghiradelli Luxe Chocolate Bag
It's $3.99..with a $3.99 Rebate...
making it FREE!

HP Multipurpose Paper
It's $7.29 with a $6.29 Rebate...
making it $1.00!

Staples Photo Paper
It's $9.99 with a $8.99 Rebate
making it $1.00!

I bought all of the above(and some ink I needed)...and used THIS
coupon to get an additional $10.00 off!
(they take competitor coupons)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week...
and I was able to put in the label maker, the
chocolate, the pens, and a three pack of white out
(I got on clearance for $0.50) in a cute gift bag
(that I got from someone else)...and it was all under $1.00!!!

So...snag those goodies for yourself...or for that
great teacher in your kids life!



A Thrifty Mom on May 5, 2009 at 8:01 AM said...

I was happy to offer you a blog award on my is th link to check it out


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