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Albertson's deals

Sunday night...
and you're just NOW telling me about your Albertson deals?

I know...slacker right??

WELL...just go to GrocerySmarts to get a good run down of the deals with coupon matchups (code for Nevada deals is G89CWD) (if you haven't gone shopping yet this week).

I didn't get too much, just:

strawberries (just $0.99)!
V-8 juice ($1.50 with my coupon)
and Pickles!

That's what I wanted to tell ya! Our Albertsons (in Las Vegas) had Mr. Olive Pickles (relish...the entire line of food) 50% off. BUT, there was also a blinkie in front of it spitting out $0.75 coupons! You can get a big jar of pickes for $0.75! I'm the the "pickle eater"....I saw a friend in the store and told her about the deal...and she told me that she buys them in the HUGE jar at Sam's. SO...I'm not sure of the actual breakdown...which is the better deal....just wanted you to look for it if you're at Albie's this week.

AND...don't forget to go to the Avenu site and put in your Albertson's card number. This adds coupons to your card and you can STILL use your manufacturer coupons on top of the ones on your card!



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