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Clipiping Coupons

I am SO behind in clipping my coupons.

I have talked about getting started organizing your coupons HERE...
I use the binder method...
with baseball card inserts.
I started by just filing the inserts by date...but, I wasn't able to use
ALL my coupons when I'd see an item in the store on clearance or on sale.

SO...that leads me to today.
I get 6 newspapers every Sunday...
and I'm about a MONTH behind on my clipping!
YIKES...I'm totally missing out on some deals...I know it!

I already group mine in like sections, staple them, and clip...
but...tonight...I may take out the big guns!
The paper cutter!

I found an informative Youtube video where she talks about making
a meal plan BEFORE going shopping.
ummm...that's a nice thought.

I usually take my list of "best buys" and go shopping...
I guess...just hoping that the goodies I score would produce a great meal for
the family. many many things to do!
If you have any ideas on how YOU organize your coupons
or how you shop with them...
please share!




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