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ESPN House Party

Draft Day. The day that can make-or-break your fantasy season. Do you go after the beloved but aging RB? Or take a chance on the hotshot rookie receiver? Either way, it's the start of another great season for you and your buddies.

So start it off right by hosting an ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Party. First, pick a night from August 24th to the 29th for your party, and then let the experts at ESPN give you the fantasy advice and analysis to help make your picks easier.

Play with ESPN for the season, and you'll get this expert advice and analysis built right into the game, plus tons of FREE features like live scoring and fully customizable league settings.

So sign up today. And if you're selected to host, you'll kick off this season with ESPN, where they're fantasy fans and players just like you.

Spaces are limited.

Click HERE to apply!



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