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Kmart Toy Clearance

Have you ventured to your local Kmart...
and toured the toy aisle??'t walk!
The clearance toys are an ADDITIONAL 50% off!
Look for clearance tables and end caps...but, also
look up and down each and every aisle. If it has a yellow
sticker on's 50% off that price!

Here's what I snagged today:

Leapfrog Animal with Appy $ 7.50
Leaster Game $10.00
Yahtzee turbo $ 5.50
Big Trouble Game $ 6.00
Just Kidz Learning Bus $ 7.50
Leapfrog Learn and Grove $ 7.50
Leapfrog Sing along Read along $ 6.00
Build a bear make and play $ 4.50
Elmo's Farm $ 5.50
Vtech touch and teach busy books $13.00
GI Joe Dvd Battles $12.00
GI Joe Dvd Battles $12.00

Total WAS $292.82 -- I spent -- $97.00

**Now...I'll let you in on a little secret. EVERY Kmart has different items on clearance. EVEN if they have the same item on may be a different price at another Kmart. I ventured to three different store tonight...and was surprised at the difference that I found.
I'll post the other shopping trips tomorrow.




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