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Morning Target Trip

I made a quick trip to Target...
I have TOO many things to do at home...
but, it's Monday...
and I NEED to check on those video cameras that I'm waiting to be marked down. turns out that they're still only 50% off...
BUT...I did score these cameras:

They were originally $49.99 and I got them for $12.48 (75%off).
There's the Hello Kitty camera and the Disney camera (just flowers on it).
They also had the Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, and Jonas Brothers marked down
to that clearance price.
You know that I only have boys...but, I have TONS of nieces...
I think these will make great Christmas presents.

I only stumbled upon this messenger bag:

It's just a simply black bag.  I can use it as a baby bag,
church bag..just whatever bag.
Regularly priced at $14.98...I got it for only $3.74 (75% off).
They had ALL their back packs marked down to 75% off...
so, if you need back ups, or some for next year....head on
over to Target.

I'm also keeping an eye on the pool floats. 
If you're in Vegas, I'm always at the one on Eastern...but,
they have them only marked down 50% (and I've seen other stores already marked to
75% off and there are NONE left--like Blue Diamond Store).

My BFF over at Deal Fanatic has a few other goodies
she's going to get, check hers out.



Daisy on September 21, 2009 at 1:01 PM said...

Ahhh...that's so sweet. Ok, Let me link up with you now :-)


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