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Albertson's SCORE!

Last night, my sister and I made a late night Albertson's run.
I got all of the above:
6 Pregos
4 Valley Fresh Steamers
4 4-pack YoPlus yogurts
4 Cheerios
Guess what I paid out of pocket for all of the above??

Can you see that total?
$14.64...but, it doesn't stop there.
I SHOULD have gotten back a $10 catalina and 2 $1.00 catalinas
for the Prego.  I don't think her cat machine was working...
so, I just made a comment and waited for my sister to check out.
She did NOT get her catalina either.
SO...we patiently waited for a manager to review our purchases
(you have to get the exact product, size, quantity, over $25...)
and we, she just gave us each $10 in cash
(I didn't want to push my luck with the Prego cats)
SO...after the cash back...$4.64 for all of the above!

Now...I used coupons for everything...and I had done the
$25 purchase previously, so I also had a $10 cat in that total.
BUT....I LOVE it when I'm able to buy things that we'll really eat and use...
and not just buy products because I have a coupon.

I hope you have a great shopping week!

I also came across a cute post from KrazyCouponLady that
talk about Catalinas.




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